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Our mission as Competitive Advantage Consultants is to work with valued clients to increase their organization's strategic, leadership and operational capabilities. We provide tailored consulting and training to meet specific client needs. With over seventy years combined experience, we provide specialized expertise to a wide variety of organizations: service, manufacturing, health care and government.

James Rollo is the president of Competitive Advantage Consultants, Inc. He has over 25 years of Organization Development experience, including 10 years of internal consulting experience with Cummins Engine Company. James specializes in the design and implementation of organization improvement strategies, leadership development, and team facilitation. He has worked with a wide variety of organization types in both union and non-union settings, and possesses international training experience. Some of his clients include: General Electric, Cummins Engine Company, Scott Paper Company, Lakeland Regional Hospital, Rohm & Haas, AT&T, Alcoa, Lubrizol, the City Government of Kansas City and NASA.

Dan Prock is a graduate engineer with experience in implementing the worldwide strategy of "lean manufacturing." He has developed a method of tying Kaizen to the American concept of self-directed teams. Dan has worked with the Kaizen institute of America for several years implementing continuous improvement in companies such as Robert Bosch, Ford, and numerous OEM suppliers. He recently published a paper entitled "What Do World-Class Suppliers Do? OEMs Tell All" in Target Magazine.

Ingrid Bens is a consultant and trainer whose primary areas of focus are employee participation, teambuilding, facilitation skills, leadership and organizational change. As a facilitator she has designed and managed strategic interventions such as team formation and team improvement, vision and values setting, problem-solving and decision-making, action planning and trouble shooting. Ingrid has led change management and teaming projects in large companies like General Electric, as well as manufacturing plants, major banks and government departments.

Mary Mercurio has 20 years' experience in management consulting, including five years' experience in internal human resource management. She has facilitated learning experiences for executives, management, employees and adult learners. She possesses expertise in the areas of:

  • Selection and staffing,
  • HR policies and planning,
  • Employee assessment and performance improvement,
  • Learning and development,
  • Motivation and leadership,
  • Sales and internal and external client service excellence.

Mary has worked with organizations such as Honeywell, Sidell, KHS Bartelt, Lockheed Martin, General Mills, Eckerd College, Sarasota County School Board, and Lee County government among others.

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