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About ERC

The mission of Employee Retention Connection is to work with organizations to attract, develop and retain their most valuable resource: their employees.

James Rollo

James Rollo is the president of Competitive Advantage Consultants, Inc. He has over 25 years of Organization Development experience, including 10 years of internal consulting with Cummins Engine Company. His recent book, Performance Management, sets the foundation for employee retention strategies. He has worked with a wide variety of organizations to create work environments that foster involved, committed employees. His clients include: General Electric, Cummins Engine Company, Scott Paper Company, Lakeland Regional Hospital, Rohm & Haas, AT&T, Alcoa, Lubrizol, the City Government of Kansas City and NASA.

Ingrid Bens

Ingrid Bens is a consultant and trainer whose primary areas of focus are employee participation, teambuilding, facilitation skills, leadership and organizational change. As a facilitator she has designed and managed strategic interventions such as team formation and team improvement, vision and values setting, problem-solving and decision-making, action planning and troubleshooting. Ingrid has led change management and teaming projects in large companies like General Electric, as well as manufacturing plants, major banks and government departments.


Competitive Advantage Consultants, Inc. has consulted with the following organizations:

- Alcoa
- AT & T
- Blue Cross/BlueShield
- Bell Atlantic
- Bosch Braking Systems
- Ciba Geigy
- Cummins Engine Company
- Eastman Kodak
- General Electric U.S. and Canada
- General Motors
- Herman Miller Inc.
- Holmes Regional Medical Center
- Human Service Associates
- Kansas City Water Service
- Lakeland Regional Medical Center
- Lubrizol
- Nestlé Foods
- 3M
- Phillips 66
- Rohm & Haas
- Rhone Poulanc
- Scott Paper Company
- Syncrude Canada Ltd.
- Welbro Construction
- Whirlpool


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