Employee Retention Connection
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Do you want to retain your company's greatest competitive edge?

We specialize in implementing a systematic approach to motivating and retaining your company's greatest
asset: your employees.

Bottom-Line Results
The Employee Retention Connection will enable your organization to:
  • Save money -- The American Management Association estimates that turnover of an employee costs more than 30% of that individual's annual salary.
  • Ensure continuity of customer service and satisfaction -- Turnover disrupts the connection between customers and your company.
  • Build employee morale -- Turnover undermines the company culture and overall employee loyalty.
  • Remain competitive -- Employees that defect to competitors may erode your edge.
  • Improve quality -- Satisfied employees deliver higher quality products and services.
The consultants of Employee Retention Connection (ERC) will enable your organization to attract and retain a talented workforce by:
  • Training leaders to be visionary and motivational
  • Redesigning work to be more challenging and rewarding
  • Implementing a system for recognizing and rewarding positive contributions and behavior
  • Developing employee competencies along career paths

ERC's Proven Retention System
Our consultants provide the following systematic services:
  • Phase 1: Analyze your organization's retention culture.
  • Phase 2: Redesign jobs to make them more interesting and rewarding.
  • Phase 3: Train supervisors and managers to be motivational leaders.
  • Phase 4: Develop career paths based on acquiring skill competencies.
  • Phase 5: Create a tailored reward and recognition system.

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