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ERC's Retention Model

Employee Retention Connection's decades of applied organizational experience indicate three primary drivers of employee retention:

1: Stimulating Work Retention Diagram

  • Variety of assignments
  • Autonomy to make decisions
  • Resources and support provided to do good work
  • Opportunity to learn
  • Feedback on results
  • Understanding the significance of one's personal contributions

2: Motivational Leadership

  • Champion change and are open to new ideas
  • Inspire a share vision of organization direction
  • Motivate and recognize contributions
  • Develop the capabilities of others
  • Model behavior that reflects organization values

3: Recognition & Reward

  • Say "Thank you" for a job well done
  • Reinforce desired behaviors
  • Create an emphasis and focus on recognition
  • Celebrate successes
  • Build self-esteem
  • Enhance camaraderie and teamwork

Integrated System for Retaining Employees

The Employee Retention Connection transforms your organization culture and enhances your competitive edge through the following five-phased approach:

Integrated System Diagram

Phase 1: ERC begins by analyzing your organization's motivation and retention culture through surveys and focus groups. What are the motivating and demotivating aspects of your culture?

Phase 2: ERC next designs high-involvement job and work assignments that include:

  • Wide variety of tasks and skills
  • Opportunities to learn
  • Authority to make decisions
  • Feedback on results
  • Resources and support to be successful


Phase 3: ERC trains supervisors and managers in proven methods of motivational leadership:

  • Inspiring a shared vision and direction
  • Developing the capabilities of others
  • Promoting organizational change
  • Recognizing and appreciating employee contributions
  • Serving as a role model

Phase 4: ERC delivers a plan for employee career paths and skill building:

  • Designing career paths, not necessarily up the organizational chart
  • Identifying core competencies for different career paths
  • Planning training and other opportunities to build competencies
  • Mentoring for employee direction

Phase 5: ERC builds a tailored reward and recognition system to fit your organization's culture:

  • Identifying activities, attitudes and contributions to be recognized and rewarded
  • Matching reward and recognition options to performance contributions
  • Establishing specific motivational approaches for retaining employees

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