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10 Steps for Motivating Retention

Great job!
  1.  Provide pay rate increases or bonuses for service periods,
     i.e., 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.
  2.  Celebrate service milestones, i.e., one-year anniversary with photos, lunch, etc.
  3.  Recognize the contribution of part-time employees with full-time status.
  4.  Invest in employees by providing training opportunities.
  5.  Pay equitably and provide competitive benefits.
  6.  Frequently and personally express appreciation to employees.
  7.  Assign each employee a committed and positive mentor/buddy.
  8.  Promote from within.
  9.  Know your employees and their life changes.
  10.  Connect with the employees' families by sending family welcome gifts, newsletters, etc.


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