Lean Leadership
Workshop Objectives


The Lean Leadership Skills workshop develops skills in eight lean leadership competencies:

  1. Setting Direction - having a shared vision of a lean operating system with guiding principles, specific goals and a plan for implementing the lean system.
  2. Standardizing and Improving Work Processes - assures that the work flow and leadership roles are standardized to support lean information and material flows.
  3. Instilling Accountability - establishes lean measures and creates process ownership by continuously holding oneself and others accountable for the process and results.
  4. KATA Coaching - engages employees in a 5-step continuous improvement thinking process to streamline workflows.
  5. Empowering Individuals and Teams - delegates responsibilities along with the authority necessary for success and encourages employee participation in decisions making and meetings.
  6. Building Alliances - reaches out and develops mutual expectations and cooperation with peers, customers and suppliers.
  7. Managing Change - promotes innovation and enlists others in generating, initiating and sustaining change.
  8. Modeling Lean Thinking and Behavior - champions lean operations by using lean thinking, language, tools and processes in day-to-day interactions.

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