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Workshop Leader

James Rollo

Competitive Advantage Consultants


Workshop led by James Rollo of
Competitive Advantage Consultants, Inc.

Our mission as Competitive Advantage Consultants is to work with valued clients to increase their organization's strategic, leadership and operational capabilities. We provide tailored consulting and training to meet specific client needs, offering specialized expertise to a wide variety of organizations: service, manufacturing, health care and government.

James Rollo is the President of Competitive Advantage Consultants, Inc. He has over thirty years experience in management and organization development. Rollo has conducted leadership development workshops for Verizon, Xerox, Health First, General Electric, Sony, NASA, Sarasota County Government, Center for the Study of Collaborative Organizations and American Society for Quality. Rollo is the author of Performance Management: A Pocket Guide for Employee Development and Techniques of Successful Self-Directed Work Teams.

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