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Praise for Performance Management: A Pocket Guide for Employee Development:

“Having over 25 years of management experience and being always on the lookout for great management tools, I do believe this is the best I have found so far. Go ahead and read the books by Welch, Bossidy and Collins -they are full of great ideas. But "Performance Management" outlines how to put all the great ideas into practice. It's very practical and doable. The results are actually usable! Don't let the size or format fool you. This guide is very readable and so reasonably priced that I got one for all the managers in my firm. Highly recommended.”
- Dan M. Bell,Salt Lake City
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Techniques of Successful Self-Directed Work Teams
by James A. Rollo
Price: $39.00

Build a successful Self-Directed Work Team with this Do-It-Yourself workbook that provides a wealth of practical tools utilized in the implementation of teams in over thirty manufacturing, hospital, and service organizations. Packed full of actual case examples, step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow worksheets, this book is a must-have guide for early team formation.

View a sample outline of Ten Techniques of Self-Directed Work Teams from the book!

Performance Management: A Pocket Guide for Employee Development
by James A. Rollo
Price: $8.95

Performance Management is a pocket guide for attracting, developing and retaining talented employees. This guide provides supervisors, work groups and human resource professionals with easy-to-use processes and forms for planning, appraising and recognizing employee performance. Learn how to effectively set measurable goals, build competencies, coach and mentor, conduct performance appraisals and recognize accomplishments. This guide features:

  • Setting clear performance expectations
  • Creating competency models
  • Providing 360° feedback
  • Coaching to build confidence and commitment
  • Conducting constructive performance appraisals
  • Resolving performance and attitude problems
  • Providing meaningful recognition

Facilitating with Ease!by Ingrid Bens
Price: $39.00

In this comprehensive resource book you will find dozens of tips and techniques, tools, surveys and meeting designs. It also provides answers to the most common dilemmas, such as:

  • How to balance the role of chairperson and facilitator
  • When and how to be appropriately assertive
  • How to create targeted norms
  • How to deal with high levels of resistance
  • What to do if you’re personally attacked
  • The optimal way of handling group conflict
  • The decision-making options available for groups
  • How to get closure
  • When and how to make process checks
  • Strategies to deal with the most common dilemmas in facilitation
  • Sample facilitator notes for the most commonly run meetings

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced facilitator, this book contains a wealth of resources to help you facilitate with ease.

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Everybody Leads
At the Rohm & Haas Kentucky plant you witness an employee empowered workplace that is on the leading edge of self-management. You see union/management innovation and team members rotating leadership roles. See how this procedure builds leadership skills and enables lightning-fast decisions.
         28 minutes

A Team Leader’s Day
This video takes you to a successful team-centered work place at McNeil Consumer Products’ Tylenol plant. We spend a day with Jackie Ewer, an ex-supervisor now a team leader. We watch her deal in a new way with technical problems and vendors, empower her team to solve problems, upgrade quality, confront conflict, improve production, and take charge of daily work.
         28 minutes

Leading a Service Team
Kathy Sweet, a traditional supervisor, made the difficult shift to a new leadership role. You see how this role derives directly from the minimum critical specifications of the employee design team that created it – and the remarkable results achieved. Filmed at IDS Financial Services, you tap into the daily experiences of a team leader learning how to empower herself and her team to improve customer service.
         28 minutes

From Supervisor to Coach
Supervisors discuss the difficult transition from supervisor to coach. This video describes the role of a coach as compared to a supervisor. A candid discussion of some of the difficult aspects of making the transition.
         15 minutes

Pay for Skills
This video presents the details of a pay plan that was created by the management, union and employees of a world class steel mill. In this video you will see:
- How the pay-for-skills plan is structured.
- How employee committees administer the plan.
- How employees have created a rich learning and skill
building environment where everyone is involved.
         28 minutes

Improving Work Systems
How IDS is improving quality and customer service through employee involvement.This video provides a step-by-step overview of the redesign process. The video is a valuable tool for internal and external consultants who want to show a client what a work redesign process can do for an organization.
         28 minutes

Cutting Edge Teamwork
A hi-tech company organizes for continuous learning and outstanding quality.This video shows self-management from the perspective of the fully empowered employees who are continuously learning to make a high quality product and run a financially successful company. Topics covered are: self-managed teams, rapid work redesign, continuous improvement, shared power, cross-functional teams, integrated support teams and much, much more.
         28 minutes

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