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"Jim Rollo has proven over the last ten years to be one of our highest-rated instructors. His individual attention to the diverse needs of our audience distinguishes him as one of the best trainers for our association's membership." - Sara Olberding, Education Director, Association for Quality and Participation

"Competitive Advantage Consultants has worked with our agency, Human Service Associates, for four years. Their guidance and change processes have enabled our Executive Team to create and realize a fresh vision and mission for our organization." - Patricia Harmon, CEO, Human Service Associates


Seminars and Workshops

  • Coaching How and when to use four different types of coaching: Tutoring, Mentoring, Challenging and Counseling. Develop coaching skills: Attending, Acknowledging, Probing, Reflecting, Summarizing, Offering Alternatives and Gaining Commitment.
  • Delegation How to delegate in a way that assures commitment. Acquire delegation approaches and language in order to be an effective delegator.
  • Goal Setting How to set goals in relevant areas in a way that gains understanding and commitment.Learn the use of goals to focus and create individual and team accountability.
  • Encouragement and Motivation How to use reinforcement approaches that are relevant to different individuals. Learn six approaches to motivate individuals and teams to contribute to team success.
  • Team facilitation How to guide and support a team through four stages of development. Acquire specific processes and behaviors needed for each stage of development.
  • Kaizen for Supervisors How to continually improve on day-to-day work processes. Acquire a variety of problem solving and improvement tools and processes.
  • Managing Emotions Intelligently How to channel the emotions of yourself and others to unify and motivate positive thinking. Become more self-aware and self-regulating of your own emotions and develop better empathy and better relations with others.
  • Design and Implementation of Self-Directed Work Teams How to asses organization readiness and design the launch of self-directed teams.
  • Techniques of Highly Successful Teams How to organize and support a variety of teams: problem solving, project and natural work teams.

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